5 Steps To Get Younger Looking Skin

5 steps get younger looking skinLooking pretty and young can be achieved if you take good care of your skin. To take good care of your skin doesn’t mean apply lots of moisturizers, sun block or layers of makeup.

You need to nourish and detoxify it constantly.

There are several ways of doing it but here are 5 simple ways to do it. You need not do anything out of the ordinary and incorporating the following steps in your life will not only make you look young but also feel younger.


Diet forms a major part of your skin health. There are foods which can boost collagen production of your skin. Start by incorporating Vitamin C in your diet. It is a protein responsible for pretty much everything good about your skin.

Bell peppers, dark leafy greens, citrus fruits, kiwi, tomatoes, and peas are all rich in Vitamin C. Repairing your skin after exposure to the sun can be achieved by a fatty acid rich diet.

This includes Flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans and mungo beans. Other essential nutrients for your body are protein, calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc and other minerals.

In short, eat a balanced diet.


The increase in blood flow can be achieved by exercising. Why do you need increased blood flow to the skin? Well because blood carries oxygen, water and the nutrients needed for our skin cells. Exercise uses all energy from your body and gives you a good night sleep, this helps reduce dark circles and puffiness of the eyes.

Sweating during exercise will help you to eradicate dirt from the skin pores.

Exercising also releases tension in our muscles caused due to stress, thus reducing skin problems caused by stress.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is as it is injurious to health. A single cigarette contains around 4000 toxic chemicals, including Nicotine which constricts blood vessels in the upper layer of your skin and decreases blood flow to the skin. Blood carries all the nutrients to your skin which can cause serious repercussions such as dull, dry and flaky skin.

When blood flow decreases it leads to discoloration of the skin and puffy under eyes. Passive smoke is also bad as first-hand smoke.

Invest in good skincare products

Today’s market is full of anti-aging skincare products. Analyze your T-zone to know your skin type. Choosing a wrong product can cause side effects like itching, irritation, dryness and tingling. A sunscreen of SPF 30 or above is the best anti-aging product for any age.

All the necessary nutrients required for the healthy skin can be provided topically with the use of creams like Lamour Skin Care Cream. Or as an alternative, try the products at IDLife vitamins and supplements as they provide antioxidants, moisturizers and most importantly retinol to the skin. It consists of natural ingredients that are free from any side effects.

Getting L’amour Skin Cream will be a great investment for your skin. You can easily sign up for it by following these simple steps.

Where To Buy Lamour Skin Care Cream?

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